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    Important ADA and Safety Signs You May Overlook

    When you think of signs, you probably think of big, bright displays in your parking lot. You probably think of something that will grab attention and get your business. But not all signs are meant for this purpose. In fact, some signs serve an even more important purpose; they keep people safe. These signs are often easy to overlook though, which can be a costly mistake. Not having these signs potentially puts individuals in danger. But their absence can also make you liable for injuries and can bring about penalties from the government. Make sure you’re not missing these incredibly important, but easy to forget signs:

    ADA Signs on Stairwell Landings

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    There are some signs that may be easy for you to forget, but that an inspector won’t miss. ADA signs on the landings of a stairwell are one of these types of signage. These signs usually include high-contrast colors, making them easy to see in low-light scenarios and include braille lettering for individuals who cannot see. These ADA signs are important because they indicate what floor an individual is on. For someone who has a visual impairment, this can be convenient to help them find the floor they need or even lifesaving in an emergency situation.

    Area of Refuge Signs

    An area of refuge is a space in a building where individuals who may not be able to get out of a building during an evacuation can safely wait for help. These areas are designed for individuals who wind up stuck in a building during an emergency and those who cannot access an exit because of a disability or medical problem. Vents made to stand up to potential dangers such as fire, supply areas of refuge with air from outside. These are usually found in stairwells, which also ensures that people using the stairs during an emergency have air to breathe. It’s important to mark areas of refuge clearly. In an emergency situation, people may not know that they can shelter in an area of refuge stairwell. By marking them clearly, you can make sure that people don’t panic.

    Utility Rooms

    More than likely your building uses electricity. More than likely there’s a utility room somewhere in your building that contains some of the vital pieces of electrical equipment that provide power to your building. You’ll want to make sure that these rooms or other types of utility rooms are properly marked with safety signs. This ensures that only the right people enter these rooms and those that do are aware of the potential dangers of the equipment inside.

    A blue stripe is shown on the left and right sides of this image.

    Signs for Your

    For all types of ADA and safety signs, contact our team at Salient Sign Studio!

    A blue stripe is shown on the left and right sides of this image.