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    Retractable Banners: Portable, Perfect

    Sometimes your signage needs to be portable. Depending on your business and your signage needs, portability can be a key deciding factor in the type of signage you buy. When it comes to portable and effective, retractable banners by Salient Sign Studio are the best choice for your business. And you won’t struggle setting up your display with these versatile signs.

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    Outside Opportunities

    There are a lot of opportunities as the weather gets warmer to bring your business outside of your brick and mortar. With these opportunities comes the chance to expose your business and your brand to a wider market. Whether it’s a trade show or an outdoor carnival, retractable banners are a good way to draw business to you and get people familiar with your brand.

    For example, if your restaurant is going to be providing food for an outdoor event, setting up a plain white tablecloth will leave people wondering who you are and why you’re serving food at this event. A couple of retractable banners can identify the name of your restaurant and what you do. They can also have some awesome graphics showing some of the dishes you serve at your brick and mortar, enticing anyone who stops to try your food to check out your main establishment as well.

    Easy Displays

    If you have these outside opportunities, you’ll want to set up and pack up as quickly and easily as possible. And if you’re transporting other materials or products, you’ll want your displays to take up little space. Setting up a retractable banner is simple. And once they’re rolled up, they fit very easily into whatever space you need them to. Then once your back at your store you can even use them inside, increasing their ability to advertise for you.

    A blue stripe is shown on the left and right sides of this image.


    Our retractable banners are also completely customizable. You can add whatever logos, images and lettering you want to them. If you want examples of your work, a few words that describe your business or just your contact information, we can make a banner that matches your exact needs.

    Retractable Banners for Your Events

    Retractable banners are the most dynamic and portable signage you can take on the road with you. You’ll get a lot of use out of these signs and you’ll never pull out your hair setting them up.

    With retractable banners, people will notice you at what events you plan on attending. If you’re interested in retractable banners, contact us today to discuss your options.