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    Why Choose Architectural Signs for Your Business?

    Architectural signs are a way of presenting a company’s brand to people who are entering a property. These signs usually display a logo, brand message, and other relevant information for people who have already reached the company’s property.

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    The Importance of Architectural Signage

    Architectural signage refers to standalone signs. Businesses use these signs to display their brand on their property. So, this type of signage may not necessarily need to be close to your store. People often place architectural signs at the entrance of a property with large garden spaces or by a busy street that borders the property. These signs might have instructions relating to parking, or the property’s address too.

    Architectural signs usually prominently display a logo. The ensures that customers can clearly see the hotel, shop, or organization they are entering.

    Why Choose Architectural Signs?

    Architectural signs serve multiple purposes. They inform potential clients about what businesses they’ll find on a property. But they also serve as a way of advertising a brand. This is particularly true for companies that own buildings in highly populated areas. We make architectural signs that feature a large logo. This will attract new customers and ensures that people in the area know your business is open.  It also gives them a reference to find your business. 

    An architectural sign can also be used to display important information about accessing a property or help guide customers to an entrance that is away from a busy street. These signs can be made with your brand and color scheme in mind, and the team at Salient Sign Studio will ensure your signs look professional and slick.

    A blue stripe is shown on the left and right sides of this image.

    Find Out More About Architectural Signs

    Have questions about how architectural signs work, or how they could benefit your company? Contact Salient Sign Studio today, and a member of our team can arrange a callback or a site visit throughout the Oakland, Wayne, and Macomb counties of Michigan.